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Michel Prezman is a composer, arranger and orchestrator who has scored over 20 award-winning documentary films. His compositions have been heard in theatres, on television, radio, and in live performances before audiences numbering in the thousands. His music is found in prestigious music libraries in the US, UK, and in France.

You can hear his work on YouTube, and at Boosey and Hawkes music library. Here is a link  


His use of beautiful, intriguing melodies and strong pulsing rhythms combined with a signature harmonic style make his work instantly recognizable. While there is a distinct French flavor in his harmonic choices, the influence of African rhythms and Arabic melodic styles is there.  His orchestrations generate a range of emotions from taught suspense to lush romanticism and his themes range from crystalline, bright, and lyrical to broodingly ominous. Their rhythmic and harmonic crescendos leave his listeners breathless. Whether composing for film, for the stage, or for the studio, his music evokes strong, resonating emotions that perfectly suit the production. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this composer is his diversity. One can hear in his original compositions and arrangements an incredible level of variety.


Michel is a master orchestrator who uses East West and Vienna orchestral libraries for his productions, and is at home in digital and synthesized music. His life as a musician has led him across many paths, and gained him experience in nearly all the genres: Jazz rock, vocals, contemporary, symphonic, electronic, world music, cabaret, ballet, and all classical solo and ensemble forms. His compositions for documentaries have helped illustrate many scientific, archeological, and literary themes.

In addition to composing, he is also known as an accomplished concert pianist and master pedagogue. His concerts receive standing ovations from an extremely sasisfied public. His students thrive on his teaching, and he is highly respected by his peers. He is the go-to person for solving vexing problems with technique, blockages, and tendonitis-causing stresses and tensions.

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